As you probably understand, making quality guitars and bass guitars is not something that can be made by using every piece of wood, every bridge or every pickup that's out there and more important by every person who wants to. It is an art, to be performed by people who have studied and researched the materials and who have an interest in building guitars and bass guitars to the highest level achievable. Our instruments are of the highest standards worldwide, made from handpicked tone woods, carefully matched with the best hardware and electronics.
Up to this date, the ERG Custom Guitars Company hand builds each guitar in this facility using only the best tonewood, electronics and hardware available worldwide. An agreement is made with the customer regarding each and every aspect of the guitar such as shape, woods, electronics, inlays, hardware and any special requests to reach every desire he/she may have about the instrument. Each guitar goes thru a quality control test before and after every step of the building process, in contact with the customer to assure that he/she gets the best guitar available.



The absolute core of a great sound in a guitar is the wood. It is the responsible for 70% of the sound results in a finished guitar.